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AuthGate Payment Attestation Devices (PADs) enables merchants to accept payments from any Android or iOS smartphone using a simple tap-to-pay process. Payment Attestation Devices provide cryptographic proof of payment in a small and cost-effective footprint. No internet connectively is required and there are no monthly charges.


The BodyPAD is the first product in a range of cryptographic payment attestation devices, based on a common technology core. The BodyPAD is a low power portable device with an expected battery lifespan of 12 to 24 months.


The receipt printer is probably one of the most ubiquitous components of any POS system. Our printer interface upgrade (patent pending) turns any receipt printer into a mobile payment acceptance terminal. It works seamlessly with all point-of-sale software and does not require any POS system changes or upgrades.


Our USB-PAD and DEV-PAD components offer third-party developers a simple and straightforward way to integrate mobile payments into their own designs. Typical application areas include automated vending, parking payment, ticketing, access control, etc.


AuthGate Payment Attestation Devices (PADs) can be used in a wide range of industries, including formal and informal trading, deliveries and services, automated vending, parking payment, etc.

Small vendors and informal traders

Small vendors and traders have traditionally been excluded from accepting digital payments due to the high cost of POS card terminals and transaction fees. AuthGate offers small vendors with a cost-effective solution to accept mobile payments using an offline device with no monthly charges.

Restaurants and

coffee shops

Credit card terminals are often shared between waiters, resulting in checkout delays and customer frustration. AuthGate devices are small and portable so each waiter could accept payment on the spot.

Food and parcel deliveries

Food and parcel delivery often requires the delivery person to accept cash and carry correct change. Payment attestation solves this problem by enabling delivery personnel to accept mobile payments on the go.

Automated vending and parking payment

Automated vending machines have traditionally been excluded from the digital payments market due to the high cost of card payment terminals and high transaction fees. AuthGate provides a cost-effective solution with no monthly charges or internet connectivity fees.

Professional services

Accepting payments on site and managing cash have always complicated the professional services industry. Payment attestation solves this problem by enabling service personnel to accept payment on site in real time.


Cash handling represents a substantial expense and risk for retail shops. AuthGate enables retailers to accept mobile payments in addition to card and cash payments.

Why use Payment Attestation Technology?

The mobile payments market is flooded with solutions from various payment processors, wallet providers and financial institutions. These payment options are mostly incompatible with one another, requiring merchants to either support multiple payment options or lose out on a potentially large source of revenue.

AuthGate Payment Attestation technology provides a way for merchants to seamlessly accept payments from a variety of sources, including Credit cards, Personal bank accounts, Digital Wallets, Vouchers and the Bitcoin Lightning Network.


AuthGate Payment Attestation technology offer many advantages over traditional QR code payment systems. Payments are not only faster and more secure, but our tap-to-pay method (patent pending) is also a simpler and more intuitive way to pay for goods and services. Payment Attestation Devices offers a cost-effective way for merchants to accept mobile payments and does not require an internet connection.


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  • Payment Attestation Devices do not require an internet data connection in order to validate payments. All transactions are performed by the customer using his own phone. After successful completion of a transaction, the customer’s phone will deliver a digital Payment Attestation Certificate to the Payment Attestation Device as proof that the transaction has completed successfully.

Safe and secure

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Payment Attestation Devices do not have access to sensitive or personal customer information such as credit card numbers, PIN numbers or any information that could be used to compromise a customer’s privacy. The customer is always in complete control of his personal information and uses his own phone to perform transactions.


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Payment Attestation Devices are much cheaper compared to traditional POS card terminals. They are also much cheaper to operate with no specific infrastructure needs and no internet requirements. Transaction costs are also significantly lower due to increased security and lower risks compared to other mobile payment solutions.


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Payment Attestation Devices are small and compact hardware devices with no moving parts like card readers that can wear out and fail. These devices are always active and ready to transact, irrespective of external factors like internet availability. The low power requirements enable portable devices to run for months or even years with a single coin cell battery.

Simple to use

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Payment Attestation Devices are simple to operate with very little training required. Operation is completely intuitive with only a single activate/confirm button on portable devices. Unattended pay points like vending machines and parking pay stations are completely autonomous and require no merchant interaction.

Hack proof

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Payment Attestation Devices makes use of the latest cryptography techniques to ensure that the proof of payment cannot be faked or duplicated. Payment Attestation Certificates can only be created by Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) that are under control by the merchant or the merchant’s service provider. This distributed security model reduces the attack surface and the potential reward of any hacking attempt.

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